CLEVELAND -- Imagine having to go to a playground and just watch other kids play. It was a reality for some children at a school in Tremont until now.

It was a dream two years ago to build an adaptive playground for the 40 children who attend the ESC Rose-Mary Center School in Tremont and it is now a reality.

"It is humbling," says Rose-Mary Center Director Lisa Adler. "The children at this school have special needs and some have to stay in a wheelchair, but now they even have a swing for their wheelchairs, so finally they can experience a playground like typical kids."

Local businesses donated services and labor. Volunteers helped build the playground and the children love it.

The school wants to thank those who helped, especially Michael Guinto of Terrace Construction, Greg DiGeronimo of Independence Excavating, Pasquale Monteleon of Davey Tree, Meyer Design, Tremont West Development and local Tremont businesses.

The project cost $70,000 but $10,000 was donated. Also, Catholic Charities helped in the project as well. The school may also expand in future years, so there will likely be more fundraisers.

Students come from more than 20 area school districts to attend this school.