CLEVELAND -- It's that time of year again:A time where many of us need snow tires, and also a fantastic time to buy.

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I know all about the dangers of driving without snow tires during the winter. Over drives back from here to visit my family in Toronto, I've had some close calls and I've watched many other drivers have significantly worse luck beingunable to stop.

I'm certain you don't need me to preach about snow tires, but I've heard from a lot of viewers asking about the best place to go and one specialist tops the list for me time and time again.

Conrad's not only has 32 locations right here in Northeast Ohio, but they're constantly putting up new coupons and promotions on their website that save me cash.

They have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and my favorite feature is they provide a "double the difference back" lowest price guarantee.

Despite it being my job to shop around for the lowest price, Conrad'sguarantees the lowest price and then some. If you find a lower price 30 days after you buy from them, they'll give you double the difference back.


At the end of the day, the cost of snow tires is usually less than your insurance deductible if you hit ice and you're unable to stop.


When it comes to winter car emergencies, I just watched the price drop on an ingenious little car emergency kit. It combines an air compressor to inflate flat tires, emergency blinker, swivel spotlight, color shaded reflector, compass, accessory tray and is also a car dust buster! MSRP is $40, but until the end of today it's $24.77, plusfree shipping with coupon code DEALNEWS1. CLICK HERE

Also today, a chance for our heroes to be celebrated with well-deserved freebies. You can find what I consider to be the most extensive list of Veterans Day freebies on my friend Brandie's site. CLICK HERE

Thank you to all of the Veterans in our community who quite frankly should be celebrated every day.

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