CALDWELL, Ohio-Brogan Rafferty, 16, of Stow, ajunior atStow-Munroe Falls High School near Akron, has been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to attempt murder inwhat is being called Ohio's Craigslist murder.

AndNoble County Sheriff Stephen Hannum said Friday morning that Noble County Judge John W. Nau has issued a gag order in the alleged Craigslist murder herein the small villageabout 80 miles east of Columbus.

The other suspect, Richard James Beasley, 52, of Akron, is being held in the Summit County Jail on other charges after the FBI asked the Summit County Sheriff's office to arrest him Wednesday.

Beasley was arrested on outstanding warrants for aggravated trafficking in drugs and compelling prostitution. He has yet to be charged in the Caldwell case.

Neighbors living near the property where the graves were dug were shocked by the bloodshed. Some figured the arrests had closed the case, while others, like Angie Noll, put credence in rumors of more bodies to be found.

"We're a rural community, maybe there's 15 houses up here, and right in our backyard this stuff is going on," said Noll, a 28-year-old maintenance production clerk who lives just a few houses away from the neighbor whose door the South Carolina man knocked on after escaping.

"I feel kind of dumbfounded about it." The sheriff said it is unclear how long the ad had been online or whether there are other victims

Hannum says a man from Florida has been killed and another from South Carolina has been shot after they responded to a Craigslist ad for a job on an Ohio cattle farm.

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Hannum had indicated in an email Friday that he wasn't ready to identify the pair of suspects but other law enforcement outlets had.

"The investigation is moving swiftly but also deliberately,"Hannum and Prosecutor Clifford Sickler said in a news release announcing the charges.

They said the teen was arrested Wednesday and remained in custody. They said no further information would be released because of the gag order

Officialssaid the order was sought by the teen's attorney who wanted to keep authorities and prosecutors from speaking about what the lawyer described as a "highly sensational" case.

Beasley is being held in the Summit County Jail on $1 million bond. His attorney could not be reached for comment.

No further information was available about the teen.

Hannum said the victims were shot after they responded to a Craigslist ad for a job on an Ohio cattle farm.

The sheriff says robbery seemed to be the motive. The Florida man's body was found this week in a remote area.

Hannum says the South Carolina jobseeker who responded to the same ad was shot but escaped.

Rose Schockling says a man showed up at her home covered in blood after being shot and told her he hid in the woods until dark and then went to her farmhouse because it was the first well-lighted house he saw.

Schockling has a farmhouse on a hill in the tiny village of Fulda in rural southeastern Ohio. The man told Schockling he answered a Craigslist job ad and was told he'd be erecting fences for a cattle farm.

Schockling says the man was lucky he went the way he did because there were no houses for more than 2 miles in the other direction.