CLEVELAND -- The eight-year-old is over two hundred pounds, that's three times the average third grader's weight.

University Hospital's "Healthy Kids Healthy Weight" program has been taking on child obesity for five years.

15-year-old Alex Cheplowitz went through the year long program that transformed him from an overweight middle schooler to a healthier more confident high school competition Show Choir performer.

He wasn't force fed diet and exercise. He learned the value of a healthier life style.

Alex was not grossly over weight but the abuse at school made his life miserable.

"I feel so much better up there not worrying what I look like just what I'm doing," Cheplowitz said.

His mother, TV and radio personality Terry Moir could see the change in Alex and herself.

"There is just a difference in awareness in our family for what is good food and not so good food," Moir said.

Alex turned out to be the program's poster child. He embraced healthier eating and an exercise program that best suits him.

Healthy Kids Coordinator Amy Schmidtuited says child obesity is a serious health risk now more recognized. Alex is proof the sooner it's addressed the greater chance at success.