AKRON -- Nearly 20 more potential jurors for the corruption trial of Jimmy Dimora were interviewed in federal court in Akron on Thursday morning.Several weredismissed.

Judge Sara Lioi called each person in the jury pool individually to her courtroom on the fifth floor to answer questions about what they know or have read and seen in the media about Dimora and co-defendant Michael Gabor.

Dimora's attorneys and federal prosecutors relayed their questions for each prospective juror through Judge Lioi, during short, private "sidebar" conferences near the judge's bench.

As was the case Wednesday, most potential jurors on Thursday admitted that they had some knowledge of Dimora or his co-defendant Michael Gabor, or of the Cuyahoga County corruption investigation.

Approximately 30 more people called to jury duty will be screened Thursday afternoon. Those who are not dismissed will join those who made the initial cut on Thursday morning, and about 40 others who were retained as prospective jurors on Wednesday.

All will return to the courthouse for a final round of jury selection on Friday. It was hoped that from those who made it through the first round of questioning, a panel of 12 jurors and6 alternates could be seated.

Dimora's trial is expected to last three months. He is under federal indictment on dozens of charges related to the investigation in which more than 59 Cuyahoga Countypublic officials, businessmen, and public employees have been charged and convicted.

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