Are you thinking about cancelling your cable service and switching to something cheaper? We asked that exact question on our Facebook page yesterday and received a ton of comments.

These days, cable competitors are selling several tiers of service which can sometimes add up. For example, Time Warner Cable, which is the main cable provider throughout the Cleveland area, charges 20 bucks a month for 15 channels. If you want more channels, and access to movies, that price jumps to 80 bucks for their Digital package, which includes 170 channels, movies on demand, and music.

But, some folks have chosen a different route. It includes hundreds of unlimited movies, TV shows, music and games at their convenience. For $ 8 dollars a month,Netflix customers can get access to whatever show or movie they want,when they want it. The service can be streamed over the internet, or HDTV's, through game consoles, Blu ray players, and other devices like Roku.

Rokuis a little box that streams shows and movies to your TV without a computer. For 50 bucks, Roku offers a ton of entertainment from big names like Netflix, Crackle, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Disney and the increasingly popular game Angry Birds. If you're in the mood for some tunes instead, you can also getPandora streamed right to your TV.

If you still wantChannel Three and your other local channels, you can always go to your nearest electronics store and pick up an outdoor HD antennae, which gets you the most local channels, as many as twenty or more.

That antennae could cost you up to 80 bucks, but the programming is free.Add Huluto that and you have a lot of cable programming, plus movies and more for as low as8 dollars a month.