AKRON -- Federal Prosecutor Antoinette Bacon says the government alleges that Jimmy Dimora and his friends had a "...sort of a conspiracy handbook..."

The "handbook" had only three rules: only deal with people you trust, sometimes use an intermediary and cover your tracks.

Bacon outlined the government's case against Dimora in a 1-hour, 45-minute opening statement. She spoke about the first wiretap that the FBI obtained, a tap on the phones of businessman Steve Pumper.

She stressed that "...Dimora was a county commissioner...he was not a king, not a monarch..." but that the evidence will prove that Dimora allegedly traded jobs and influence for things of value.

The jury was told that "things of value" include cash, home improvements, travel, meals, personal services, appliances, limousine service and discounts.

Dimora's defense attorney Andrea Whitaker began her opening statement just after 11 .am., saying the "government is wrong bout one thing...that his criteria was to help people..."

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