AKRON -- Attorneys for former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora called more witnesses first thing Wednesday morning.

The fourth witness to take the stand -- the first witness Wednesday -- was Berea Mayor Cyril Kleem.

Kleem, a distant relative of businessmanFerris Kleem, who was a witness for feferal prosecutors and has already pleaded guilty to bribery,testified about theapplication to get federal funds through Cuyahoga Countyfor a bridge project atBerea's Coe Lake.

Kleem said he talked with Cuyahoga County officials about applying for the $150,000 grant, but was told that the county did not fund handicapped accessibility projects.

He said he then calledJimmy Dimora about the project, saying county employees had "overstepped" their boundaries in turning him down.

The error was rectified, Kleem said, and the project was funded.

Kleem then testified Ferris Kleem was a volunteer on a board working on the Coe Lake project and that Ferris Kleem donated about $80,000 in time and materials to the job.

Cyril Kleem, when crossexamined by federal prosecutors,admitted that he had troublewith his memory because of medication he takes.

The next witness was City of Bedford Finance Director Frank Gambosi, who testified about county aid for the city.