COLUMBUS -- It's not a secret that Josh Mandel plans to be the Republican candidate to try and take Democrat Sherrod Brown's job in the Senate.

But Thursday, he will "officially" announce what the world already knows, that he is running.

On Tuesday he must win a primary against five lesser-known opponents.

He told the Associated Press he will focus on "jobs, jobs, jobs" andnot be distracted on social issues.

The 34-year-old former Marine has been a Lyndhurst councilman, state lawmaker and is now Ohio Treasurer.

Democratic critics claim he's been missing in action on that job and more concerned with fundraising and organizing his Senate campaign.

He's missed every meeting of a group that he chairs to decide what banks the state does business with.

He says he's cut the budget of the Treasurer's office and improved returns on Ohio's investments.

On Thursday Mandel will participate in a primary debate at the Akron Press Club.