SOLON -- More than 800 blankets will make their way from Solon to Chardon High School Friday morning.

It's all partthrough the local chapter of Project Linus, a non-profit organization focused on helping children who are sick or have gone through a traumatic experience.

After the tragic Chardon shootings, local chapter representative Mary Ellen Bramwell reached out to other national chapters, asking for blanket and quilt donations.

The response, she says, was incredible.

Project Linus is named after the popular "Peanuts" character, Linus, who is always seen with his security blanket.

The organization was born in 1995after founder Karen Loucks read an article about a girl who had gone through chemotherapy. When asked what got her through the treatment, the girl responded "my blankie."

All blankets and quilts donated by Project Linus are homemade, adding to the message of love and security.

Bramwell was also instrumental in organizing a similar drive after the 2007 Cleveland SuccessTech Academy shootings.

For more information about Project Linus and how you can help with your local chapter or how to donate time, blankets, or funding, CLICK HERE.

If people want to donate money and have it designated for the Cleveland, Ohio chapter, they need to specify this at the time they donate.