CLEVELAND -- County Executive Ed FitzGerald didn't mince words about the jury's verdict in the corruption trial of former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.

FitzGerald said, "(This is a) long overdue, just verdict."

Dimora was found guilty on 33 of 34 counts of bribery, conspiracy and racketeering. His co-defendant Michael Gabor was also found guilty on seven of eight counts.

FitzGerald was elected by Cuyahoga County residents to lead the brand new government that replaced the three-commissioner style of government that brought Dimora power.

"The people of this area owe a debt of gratitude to the FBI..." FitzGerald said.

The investigation began with raids on county offices and homes in July of 2008.

FtizGerald has ordered several ethical training classes for elected officials and for employees to replace the notion that corruption is the mainstay in Cuyahoga County.

FitzGerald says that Dimora deserves prison time.