So what's ahead for Jimmy Dimora, now that he's headed to federal prison?

They have pool tables, ballfields, art classes and even a fitness instructor.

Even so, Dimora is in for some major life changes after he wasfound guilty of 33 counts against him.

Up until now when Dimora wined and dined, he got others to pay for it. In prison, taxpayers will get stuck with the tab. As for those thick steaks he prefers, Dimora can kiss those goodbye.

Mansfield Frazier, a counterfeiter who went to federal prison five times, says it might sound like a country club, but it's not.

"Every time you reach for a door and you can't open that door, then you know they've got you."

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A typical day for Dimora will start at 6 a.m. If he goes to a more secure prison, he'll only be able to move around for a few minutes at a time.

He'll also have a job, perhaps in the kitchen or the laundry. Some say it will be his first honest job in a long time.