CUYAHOGA COUNTY -- The corruption allegations against Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo forced many Cuyahoga County workers to live and work under a cloud of suspicion.

Many citizens figured if the top officials were corrupt, the workers may be too.

Twenty-three year county worker Kristy Neff said, "He got what he deserved."

Twelve-year Treasurer's staffer Bruce Nimrick said, "I just hope this is the end of it...Our folksdown here have taken lots of slings and arrows."

Twenty-three year worker Brian Kropac had a slightly different view, "You do something wrong , you have to pay the price , but I will say Jimmy was always a great guy."

Council member Chuck Germana said, "It's a chapter all of us are anxious to get over. This helps."

Council member Sunny Simon said, "I think it was necessary for the justice system to work how it is supposed to work."