AKRON -- Jimmy Dimora, the main target of the Cuyahoga County corruption probe, has been convicted, second-target-turned-prosecution-witness Frank Russo is waiting to testify at the next trial and theFBI says "this investigation is continuing..."

It's not over until it's over...and it's not over.

Dimora's attorney Bill Whitaker said late Wednesday that he will be appealing Dimora's convictions.

For now, Jimmy Dimora, 56, is sitting in the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center in Youngstown, where he's been since he was found guilty on 33 or 34 federal counts of bribery, racketeering and conspiracy on Friday.

Dimora's co-defendant Michael Gabor, 52, is there in Youngstown as well, having been found guilty of 7 of the 8 federal counts against him and was whisked straight from the courthouse, along with Dimora, into federal custody on Friday.

Attorney Leif Christman, who represented Gabor, also said he will be appealing his client's convictions.

Federal prosecutors have long maintained that others may still be charged in the wide-ranging probe but have not said who or when.

Several other names and alleged activities surfaced during testimony at Dimora's trial, but federal prosecutors say that just because names are mentioned and allegations made does not mean those people will be indicted.

Some of the names include Gina Meuti Coppers, who is heard talking on wiretapped phone calls with Dimora about having sex with him and arranging for sexual trysts at the same time asking him to get her a job. Dimora did get her a job in Bedford Municipal Court.

Then there's Cleveland City Council President Martin J. Sweeney, heard on a wiretaped call telling Dimora how he helped contractor Ferris Kleem get information about a city contract.

Or attorney George Argie, who supposedly passed along information in the summer months of 2008 to Dimora about what the FBI was looking for in their raids.

On July 28, 2008, the two-year-long probe went public when 200 FBI and IRS agents simultaneously raided county offices and businesses.

Who still faces trial?

Samir Mohammad, 45, a former deputy auditor in Russo's office, and Hamdi "Sam" Qasem, 56, a former prominent businessman, are charged with racketeering and bribery and their trial is scheduled to begin June 8.

Qasem's attorney has asked for a continuance but U.S. District Judge Sara Lioi has yet to rule on that motion.

Attorney Anthony Calabrese III, 39, of Chagrin Falls, the son of former judge Anthony Calabrese Jr, and Sanford Prudhoff,68, of Lorain, the former community development director in Lorain, are charged with conspiracy, bribery, fraud and tampering,are scheduled for trial on Sept. 5.

Michael Forlani, 55, of Gates Mills, awaits trial with Dimora as his co-defendant. The trial date is on hold until prosecutors decide if Dimora's convictions last week were enough and there is no need for him to face a second trial.

Forlani, president of Doan Pyramid Electric in Bedford Heights,is charged with 18 counts of racketeering, bribery and mail fraud. Dimora was also charged with more racketeering charges when the indictment with Forlani was handed down Oct. 21, 2011.

While the trial was going on...

On March 2, while the jury deliberated Dimora's fate,Joseph P. O'Malley, attorney and former employee of Auditor Frank Russo, finished serving his four-month sentence in federal prison in Yankton, South Dakota.

O'Malley, 45, of Westlake, was sentenced for lyingto FBI agents about Russo's intervention in court cases that involved his clients.

Court and prison records show that 14 other defendants are awaiting sentencing, eight have received probation at their sentencings, two have died, and four are awaiting future trials.

Former Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo has been sentenced to 21 years and 10 months but remains free as he testifies against other defendants and hopes to reduce his sentence by cooperating with federal prosecutors.

Who gets out next?

On March 27, Steven Canepa, 45, the Maple Heights City Schools business manager whoaccepted things of value from contractor Todd Ozanich in return for using his position to help Ozanich, will be releasedfrom Cincinnati after serving 12 months in prison

Steve Tomasone, 54, the owner/president of Southwest Companies whopaid bribes to Maple Heights school officials to obtain work, and will be released from McKean May 19 after 12 months in prison.

Vincent Russo, 32, of Willoughby Hills, the ownerof VinCore andson of Frank Russo whobribed Maple Heights school officials in exchange for their influence in helping 1-888-OHIOCOMP maintain a contract with the district, and wil be released from Elkton June 13 after serving 18 months.

Giacinto Vaccarella, 54, the Maple Heights schools buildings and ground director who delivered bribes fromRiley to Christopher Krause andalso received money from the sale of a schools-owned construction jack sold at auction, and will be released Sept. 6 from the NE Ohio Correctional Center after serving18 months.

Dimora and Gabor joinedVaccarella March 9.

Bridget McCafferty, 45, theformer Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court judge wholied to the FBI about unethical talks with county officials and with D-A-S Construction owner Steve Pumper who had a case on her docket, and will be released Sept. 17 from Alderson after serving 14 months.

Dennis Dooley, 59, the chief assistant in Russo's office who paida $5,000bribe for a better-paying job with the Cleveland Metroparks, and who will be released from Morgantown Oct. 3 after serving27 months.