CLEVELAND -- Thousands ofGgreater Clevelanders came together this afternoon to protest the state of Ohio's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Rally-goers said it's about time things become equal when it comes to the opportunity for marriage.

There were more than 200 same sex couples at that rally today, who were ready to enter into the next level of commitment.But the law, as it is, prevents them from doing that. Those who attended the rally say it's a matter of civil rights.

Activists took their message to the streets of downtown Cleveland, for a peaceful protest. They used the steps of City Hall to educate passersby's and advocate for marriage equality. Same-sex couples weren't the only participants in Saturday's rally.

There were plenty of heterosexual couples who turned out to lend their support. Before the rally wrapped up, there was a mass wedding of 250 same-sex couples.

The couples even signed marriage certificates. even though they are not recognized by the state. Everyone who took the plunge by signing that paper are hoping that the laws will soon change, and their commitment will be recognized by the state.