CLEVELAND -- We told you about the dog-fighting ringback inDecember, now we want to share with you a success story.

The last dog of the 27seizedin the dog fighting ring has a new home today.

"Mustang Sally," a pit bull used in the ring, is headed to Texas. On Sunday, our cameras caught up with her just before she left.

A program called "Love a Bull" and help from Animal Rescue Flights, Paws and Pilots will fly her to Austin, Texas.

Mustang Sally won't be traveling alone on this trip. Another dog named Coletrain will also be making the trip with her.

On April 14, 2012 Friends ofCleveland Kennel, FOP, and CPPA will host a benefit for the 27 dogs seized. Over half of these dogswere diagnosed with a rare lethal blood condition called babesia gibsoni.

The disease requires extensive care and treatment. Allthe money collectedfor the benefit will go to these dogs treatment.

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