MEDINA COUNTY -- More than 40 years ago, the first Earth Day was celebrated. Back then, the main environmental issues were clean air and water.

Today, it's the pro's and con's of fracking.

But in Medina County, the controversy surrounding it isn't welcome at their Earth Day event.

WKYCPhotojournalist Carl Bachtel explains why.

Medina County's Buffalo Creek Retreat and nearby Hubbard Valley Park are all quiet now, except for the occasional splashing of bluebills in the lake.

But come April 21,this place will be hopping with their Earth Day celebrations.

About 1,500 to 2,000 attend annually, but they won't be seeing one environmental group -- The Concerned Citizens of Medina County.

The grassroots anti-fracking organization asked to be there but was denied.

The Earth Day group said the reason for the denial is a good one.

They said two-thirds of thepeople who attend this event are children under 12 years old and they try to address that when they set up what type of booths that they have.

They said they didn't wantto start opening a new door to have groups come to Earth Day that were involved in issues that were presently controversial.