CLEVELAND -- It's no surprise to see something related to the crucifixion of Christ in front of a church,especially since Friday was Good Friday.

But there's one display at a local church that represents the crucifixion in a way that captured the attention of anybody passing by.

NOTE: Since our story was published earlier this afternoon, the "bodies" were removed from the crosses.

The display features three blood-soaked "bodies" hanging from crosses in front of the Pentecostal Church of Christ at the busy intersection of Chester Avenue and E. 105th Street.

The central figure, representing Christ, is saturated in the most "blood," with a crown of thorns on its head. Their feet and hands are bound to the crosses with rope.

So we want to know what you think of this display. Is it too graphic or do you believe it's appropriate?

Photos: Is crucifixion display too graphic?