CLEVELAND -- TheRock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony isSaturday but there's a whole week of events already taking place.

On Monday, there was the grand openingof the Rock Hall'slibrary and archives over on the metro campus ofTri-C.

Some of the most interesting collections and never seen before items may be from the record company executives themselves.

You'll see pictures that have never before been published andeven some of the contract demands bands had for their shows, likewho said no brownM & M's were allowed in their dressing room.

It's a great place to learn about music and it's a great place to immerse yourself in the world of music whether you're a student, a researcher, a writer or simply a fan.

You will find a time capsule of information inside the new library and archive.

This is where you can literally get up close and personal to some of rock's most famous legends.

It looks like any other library until you start looking at what you have access to -- everything from audio files, to books written by musicians and researchers, magazines that are hard to find at your local newsstand and acollection of everything relating to the music industry that helped shape not only Cleveland but also the world of pop culture.

But it's not just the superstars in here

WKYC's Monica Robinshad an opportunity Monday to look inside the Janis Joplin box of memoribilia and saw band pictures she's never seen before and hand bills for some of her early day concerts.

If you want to check that out, youneed a library card andyou can make an appointment to take a look at the really obscure stuff.

You can look at a lyric sheet and see the crossings out and how someone invented a song .

What else is going on this week?

Tuesday at 7 p.m.there's a "Free Rock My Soul Gospel Concert" honoring Kirk Franklin at the State Theater.

Thursday is the "Free Concert for Cleveland" at The Q with several bands,including Cleveland's own Kid Cudi.

Unfortunately if you don't have tickets, you're out of luck because just about everything is sold out.

Photos: Prepping Public Hall for Rock Hall Induction

Crews are also actively working to get Public Hall prepared for the Induction Ceremony. Members of the media were given a glance inside the venue on Monday to watch crews preparing the stage.

Grateful Dead: The Long Strange Trip, the newest special exhibit at the Rock Hall, will open to the public on Thursday. It will include finished and working manuscripts for classic songs, handwritten notes, Bill Graham's Father Time robe, the Grateful Dead Hotline answering machine and lots more. The exhibitwill be open through December.

Photos: Rock Hall unveils Walk of Fame

If you weren't able to get tickets for the Induction Ceremony itself, swing by the Rock Hall itself because admission is free for everybody on Saturday.