How much do you pay for cable? Most people agree the answer is probably "too much." Rates for monthly service are only going up, but there is a way to cut the cable and keep your favorite shows.

When most people calculate the overall cost to be plugged into their favorite programming, something doesn't add up.

"I mean I pay 12 hundred dollars a year for something I probably watch for 1 hour max a day," says Amelia Sawyer.

New research from the NDP group shows that cable subscribers paid an average of $86 a month for cable this year. Rates are rising at 6% annually, which means by 2015, we'll be paying $123 a month and by 2020, $200 a month for cable service.

Sawyer is one of five million U.S. Households who cut the cable this year. Research showed her, she just needed a device to stream internet through the T.V.

She already had a Wii, purchased a roku box and purchased an HD antenna at CVS for 14 dollars. With internet, Netflix and roku subscriptions, now she pays 40 dollars a month, saving a thousand dollars a year without missing a show.

To find out how she did it, click on her blog post here.