BROADVIEW HEIGHTS -- Tax advisers at the H & R Block Office here know what to expect as the April 17th, Tuesday tax deadline approaches, a lot of last minute filers.

"It feels like we always have the same group of people last-minute. ..I think it is nerves, a lot of clients come in and are nervous," said Senior Tax Adviser Gretchen Miklovic.

Shawn Lewicki is taking part in his annual last minute ritual. This year, he claims it's partly because he got a better job as an insurance agent.

"You give me six months to do something, I'll do it in the fifth month, thirty-first day and twenty-third hour," he said.

Advisers say if you can't finish the paperwork or can't pay what you owe, you should file Form 4868 for an extenstion.

The penalty for doing nothing,not filing anythingcan reach up to 25 percent of what you owe.

If you can't pay, the fine is a half-percent a month of what you owe, plus four percent interest.

If you were unemployed for 30 days in a row or are self-employed and lost 25 percent of your business you can fille form 1127-A to ask for more time to pay because of undue hardship.