CLEVELAND -- Browns fans ejected from the Stadium may have to pay an online shrink in order to be re-admitted. According to a California psychotherapist, the NFL will be requiring fans ejected from games to pay for and pass an online test.

Dr. Avi Novick has set up a Fan Conduct Class website, where fans who have been booted out of NFL games because of drinking, fighting, or other inappropriate behavior, can apply to be allowed back into future games.

On the website, Novick says the class was "developed after working closly with several NFL stadiums to address issues related to poor fan conduct and alcohol awareness."

"I got ejected from a preseason game, believe it or not," admitted Browns fan Troy Stekaucic. "I had club seats and I was standing on my seat, drinking my beer, yelling, and all the sudden six Cleveland cops were surrounding me."

Stekaucic said he would object to having to take the Fan Conduct Class, and pay $75 to boot.

Most other fans agreed, and said there were better ways to handle fans who had been ejected. "I mean just suspended them, suspend them for a couple games," was the suggestion of Browns fan Frank McDonall.

The Browns say they are not sure how they are going to handle what may become league policy. A spokesman told WKYC they are looking at the online psychotherapy requirement. The Browns say the number of fans actually thrown out of games has declined in recent years.