NORTHFIELD -- The excitement is building over Hard Rock Casino's plan to turn a decades old Northfield Park into a vibrant new mix of live horse racing and a slot-machine style casino.

Channel 3's Pamela Osborne brings us the story about what people are saying about the new plan.

They arecalling this hybrid entertainment facility a racino and it's not just Hard Rock execs who are celebrating the joint venture.

There are a lot of race-goers who say that can't wait to see this new transformation.

But, and there is a but, this merger depends on one key piece of legislation.

Northfield Park isn't just for the horses, anymore as a big change is coming in the form of a merger between the harness racing track and Hard Rock International

Hard Rock plans tobreathe $275 million worth of new life into the facility.

"Certainly, when you make that type of commitment, it's long-term," said Jim Allen,Hard Rock International chairman.

Patrons like Rita Isom are excited about the possibilities of walking away with a bigger win.

"They'll have a better crowd, bigger purses...make more money," she said.

And create more jobs. Construction alone is expected to create 1,000 opportunities.

That's if everything goes as planned.There's a lawsuit trying to stop the "racino" in its tracks,after questions surrounding the legality of the proposed 2,500 slot machines were challenged.

But with state approval, the project will move forward.

No word as to when the state will decide whether or not to approve the facility. Executives expect to have the Hard Rock up and ready for business about a year after the project gets approval.