CLEVELAND -- A picture is worth a thousand words and, when looking for a job, the way you present yourself could determine if you will be employed or not.

Graduation is approaching fast and new numbers do not look good for our college graduates.

More than 53 percent of bachelor's degree holders under 25 from last year are unemployed, the highest it has been in 11 years.

How do you get a job? Here are some simple tips.

Employers form an opinon on you within the firstten seconds of meeting you. A business look, dress pants, shirt, tie, and or suit is preferred for men.

Businessdresses that are not loudly patternedare preferred for women.

Dressing like you are going out on a Friday night may not be what employers are looking for.

When you meet an employer, it's important that you make eye contact with a prospective boss and have a firm handshake.

Know that person's name, wait to be told to sit down, and, most importantly, be polite.

When it comes to resumes, always have a resume handy.Don'thave a folded up copy of your resume in your pocket.

Don't dictate when you will work. Telling an employer you can't do something gives that boss a negative impression of you and that you are not a team player.

Next, check your Facebook. We hear it all the time that employers look at your Facebook. Pictures of you drinking that bottle of booze or flirting with your girlfriends is not appropriate in this day and age.

Facebook is simple. If you don't want your mom seeing something, your boss doesn't either.

Finally, use your free time wisely. Spending your time at a bar talking with friends will not get you any closer to getting the job that you want.

If you don't have a job, get involved. Meet with public officials like councilmen, mayors, nonprofit organizations. This is important because it shows your making an effort be included in matters that are important for you and may just get around to a potential employer.