MEDINA -- Medina school Superintendent Randy Stepp talked to the community and parentsTuesday night aftertwo students were arrested Monday for inducing panic.

Stepp spoke at Medina High School regarding the bomb and gang threats at the high school and Clagget Middle School in the past two weeks.

His aim was to calm fears afteronly 30 percent of the4,000 Medina students attended school April 20 following the first two incidents.

In all, there were three incidents and police arrestedtwoteens, both 18, and charged themwith inducing panic in one of the incidents, the one thatoccured on April 19. Both are seniors at the high school.

On Friday April 13,high school officials found a penciled bomb threat on a bathroom wall. The school was evacuated but no bomb was found.

On April 19, another message was found on a high school bathroom wall and the initials CMG -- Cash Money Gangsters -- with a message "Kill Them All." In addition, a plastic clip from a toy gun was found on a toilet seat in the bathroom.

On April 20,arumor spread that students at Clagget could be shot at recess. No one in the school system received a threat, nor were any students harmed that day.

Stepp said Tuesday night that a lot of the uneasiness stems from the recentshootings at Chardon High School and the bomb threats late last year at Orange High School in Pepper Pike.