It was a long delay as they waited for the sunlight to reach the right spot. Several hours they stalled until the shadows looked just right. But when the time finally came, a steel beam was dropped from a crane and smashed on top of a phony hot dog cart sending a splash of condiments all over E. 9th Street.

That action-packed moment took hours upon hours to film. But don't blink. It only takes up a single second in Marvel's "The Avengers."

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When the production for the hotly anticipated movie slid into Cleveland last August, it was a spectacle the city had never seen before. For several days, crews worked to transform E. 9th Street between Euclid and Prospect into a site of utter destruction set in New York City. Big pieces of broken concrete and dozens of destroyed vehicles littered the roadway. Phony NYC storefronts and a fake subway entrance were installed along the street. Even fake signage, parking meters, mailboxes and phone booths were put in place just for that portion of the movie. The crew even went as far as removing the Euclid street signs and installing ones to represent New York City streets.

Walnut Avenue was also transformed in a very similar fashion to E. 9th Street with rubble and destruction. A faux Bed Bath & Beyond was even erected for the movie -- which you can't even see in the finished film.

If you didn't know Cleveland was used in the movie, these locations would be hard for you to distinguish because the cuts are so quick. You have to look closely, but you can definitely see some of the identifiable spots on E. 9th. Almost all of these scenes are mixed in during the high-action sequences at the end of the movie.

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Stepping away from the New York theme, Public Square was transformed into Stuttgart, Germany. The detail at this location was unbelievable because crews didn't leave anything untouched. There were Germanflags, a fake theater and phony street signs placed all around Public Square. The crew even changed the name on Moses Cleaveland's statue to Friedrich Wilhelm III. Out of all the Cleveland locations, the Public Square scenes are the most simple to spot because the Terminal Tower is clearly visible multiple times.

But it wasn't just the locations that have a Cleveland connection. Robin Swoboda and Andrea Veccchio, two of our anchors here at WKYC, have small parts in the movie as news reporters.

Instead of struggling to spot the Cleveland-filmed scenes, here's a guide to help you out:

- Public Square is the first Cleveland scene to appear in the film. This scene, which was filmed entirely at night, features Loki telling the human race to bow before him. It comes early in the movie. You'll know it when you see it.

- Virtually every action scene withCaptain America and Thor fighting on the street together is E. 9th at Euclid. (See the video on the left side of the page).

- When Captain America is blasted out of a window and on to the roof of a car, that was on E. 9th.

- As police officers and members of the military fire their guns into the sky, you should be able to spot an Aussiebum ad in the background. That was placed on E. 9th at Euclid for the film.

- The first clear view of E. 9th Street comes when the movie reaches the one hour 46-minute mark (1:46).

- At the one hour 51-minute (1:51) mark you will spot the aforementioned, albeit brief, hot dog cart crushing.

- At the two hour and three-minute (2:03) mark you will spot a quick shot of destruction on Walnut.

- At the two hour and six-minute (2:06) mark you will see more of E. 9th Street.

- At the two hour and seven-minute(2:07) mark you will hear the voice of Robin Swoboda delivering a news story.

- At the two hour and 12-minute (2:12) mark you can clearly see the Cleveland Trust Co., which was re-labeled as a Capital One Bank. The scene shows a young woman being interviewed by a news crew.


If you're really hoping to identify Cleveland in the movie, the best suggestion is to look atthese pictures from the production when it was in town. That will give you a better idea of what to look for.