"The Avengers" movie is out and it's loaded with comic book heroes.

What better way to celebrate comic book heroes than to get a free comic book.

Saturday (May 5) is "Free Comic Book Day" at select comic book stores across the U.S. Some stores will havecreator signings and encourage customers to dress up as their favorite super hero or comic book character while attending the event.

Want to know where the nearest comic book store is near you that is part ofFree Comic Book Day?Check this websitefor a location near you.

WKYC stopped by Carol & John's comic book store at 17462 Lorain Avenue in Kamms Plaza in Cleveland.

FreeComic Book Day celebrates 11 years this year.

Comics range fromThe Avengers andStar Wars toDonald Duck and the Transformers. There's even a comic book on Animal Planet's World's Most Dangerous Animals.

There's literally a free comic book available for everyone's taste.

Nearly 2,000 comic book stores across North America and around the world are joining forces to give away millions of comic books absolutely free of charge to customers of all ages, as part of Free Comic Book Day.

It's acelebration of an international art form and the literacy that comics encourage, Free Comic Book Day salutes the medium's energy, vitality, and boundless creativity.