CLEVELAND -- More people are riding bicycles to work, for health and for fun. And the city is trying to create a bicyclist friendly environment.

But more bikes on the road can create more tension as riders andmotorists share limited space.

Next week, Cleveland City Council will consider a package of measures aimed at promoting greater safety.

The proposals from City Councilman Joe Cimperman will also be introduced with an education component.

One measure would require drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance space.

It would require drivers turning right to let bicyclists close to the curb to go through the intersection first.

And oncoming bicyclists would have the right-of-way over drivers turning left.

The proposals would also forbid parking in a bike lane

"We're in this together. We all need to get where we are going and get their safely," said Jacob VanSickle, executive director of the group "Bike Cleveland."

The goal is to pass the measures before Council's summer recess.

Cleveland now has more than double the rate of bicyclist and car collisions than the national average, according to a recent survey.

May 18 is "Bike to Work Day."