CLEVELAND -- It could not have been scripted better.

As the premiere of "Tthe Avengers" movie, shot partly in Cleveland, garners worldwide attention, Ohio lawmakers are debating whether to double the state's moviemaking tax credit.

That's the incentive that brought The Avengers and a total of 19 movies here.And 1,100 jobs were created statewide, with 900 of them in Cleveland.

Greater Cleveland Film Commisssion boss Ivan Schwarz calls this a "perfect storm" for the possible expansion of the movie business.

Ohio's old tax credit cookie jar is empty.

But Schwarz claims about 25 movie and television series producers are eyeing Cleveland and Ohio for possible shooting sites.

Schwarz says it all hinges on the tax credit passing.

He says "absolutely" when asked if other films in the pipeline are good to go.

He claims five companies that service and support the movie business are also considering moving here. And that's the tax credit goal, creating full-time jobs.

Schwarz claims "name" actors are connected to many of the prospective films.

Passage of the double tax credit will elevate Ohio into the A-list of moviemaking states, Schwarz believes.