Ohio ranked seventh in the U.S. in the number of power outages in 2011,according to Eaton Corporation's 2011 Blackout Tracker Report.

The data is based on reported power outages across the United States and is organized into two sections: an overview of national power outage data and power outage data by state.

Would you believe a trampoline caused a power outage?

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According to the report, Ohio had 121 power outages which affected 782,544 people. On Feb. 4, an ice storm caused outages for nearly 64,000 people in Stark County, as shown by the picture.

And here's a time when Ohioans are glad to be beaten by Michigan.

The top ten states and the number of outages are: California (371); New York (159); Texas (153); Michigan (143); Pennsylvania (134); Illinois (129); Ohio (121); New Jersey (107); Washington (91); and Wisconsin (89).

Back in 2010, Ohio was ranked fourth with 125 outages, and was ranked fifth in 2009 with 111 outages.

Want to know the Top Ten MostUnusual Outages/Causes?

1. Has anybody seen my trampoline? April 30 - Spokane, Wash. Strong winds picked upa trampoline and dropped it into a substation. The trampoline caused a fault that cut power for 11,000 people.

2. A deer...with wings? March 25 - East Missoula, Mont. No, it wasn't a flying deer thatgot tangled in overhead power lines. A bald eagle had killed a fawn and was apparently on the way back to its nest to have breakfast when it dropped the tiny deer on the power lines. This caused a short and a 30-minute power outage.

3. Paragliding mishap on January 3 - Salt Lake City, Utah. A paraglider accidentally collidedwith a power line, causing a three-hour power outage. Fortunately, the paraglider survived.

4.Boat, October 1 - San Leon, Texas. Power was interrupted for 1,000 people when a boatbeing towed on its trailer knocked down five power poles.

5. Race car, April 9 - Peoria, Ariz. A race car flew over the wall at the Peoria Speedwayand hit a power line, cutting power to the track for about an hour. No word on the condition of the driver.

6. Beaver miscalculates trajectory of tree, October 9 - Durango, Colo. A beaver, involved in a construction project, cut down an Aspen tree, sending it onto power lines. About 240 people were without power for about 2.5 hours.

7. Huge dust storm, July 5 - Phoenix, Ariz. Approximately 10,000 residents were leftwithout power when a dust storm hit the area. The storm was approximately 50 miles wide and thousands of feet high.

8. Small balloons, May17 - Oakland, Calif. Mylar balloons got tangled in a power line, sending 3,000 people into the dark.

9.Big balloon, October 2 - Albuquerque, N.M. A hot-air balloon, in town from Lithuania forthe 40th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, got tangled in power lines cutting power to traffic lights. There were no reports of injuries. Over 500 hot-air balloons participated in the event.

10. It's a long hike up the hill, February 26 - Monarch Pass, Colo. A snowcat driverinadvertently struck a transformer buried in three feet of fresh powder. The incident caused an outage for the entire Monarch Ski Area, sending disappointed skiers and snow boarders home.