CLEVELAND-- The head of Ohio's higher education board says he's introducing a measure to urge public college leaders to ban tobacco on their campuses.

Ohio Board of Regents Chairman James Tuschman tells The Plain Dealer in Cleveland it's "the right thing to do." He plans to present a resolution at the meeting this month.

Deb Johnson is visiting Cleveland State's campus with her niece.

"I'magainst it. You can't smoke in buildings and those people who chose to smoke should be able to smoke outdoors," Johnson said.

Sharing the beauty and breathing on the campus quad is avid non-smoker, Brian Philpot.

"Promoting healthy higher education might as well promote physical health as well," Philpot said.

Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove urged the Board of Regents to consider an all campus ban at Ohio's 37 two and four year colleges.

"There are too many rights that are being taken away from people between smoking between trans fat," non-smoker Angela Mulby said.

Urban schools like CSU present unique problems. The campus is seven blocks long making enforcement difficult.

Smoking is already prohibited inside buildings and within 20 feet of them.

State law restricts smoking in and near many college buildings, but people can smoke on college greens and other open areas on most Ohio campuses. Trustees at each of the state's 14 universities and 23 community colleges would have to decide whether to create a stricter ban for their respective campuses.

That idea has support from Chancellor Jim Petro, who smoked daily for decades before being diagnosed with cancer in his neck. He's now cancer-free.