BRUNSWICK -- Jerome Werner knows exactly what the parents of the Brunswick teenagers are going through. In 2006 he lost his 32-year-old son, Jerome, to the same road.

He says the tracks on Boston Road in Columbia Township have long been known as a launching pad for thrill seekers. The design of the road makes it a steep grade that with a little speed can easily cause a car to go airborne.

"You hit them at thirty miles an hour your airborne let alone at any great speeds," Jerome says.

There are deep ruts in the road showing where most cars land. The victims' car landed nearly sixty feet from the tracks. When Jerome Werner jumped them in 2006, they found his tail light fifteen feet up in a tree.

Neighbor Judy Arena has lost count of how many cars lost control and crashed into the trees or ditch near her property. She and Jerome want the road fixed.

"Raise the road on both sides so it's no longer a jump," Jerome says.

There are rail crossing signs in place, but no warning of the grade or stop sign.

"Why has this problem been there so long and nothing's been done? How many more young people are going to lose their life on those tracks?" Jerome wonders.