CLEVELAND -- Beginning today,the U.S. Marine Corps is taking over Cleveland's downtown streets for their annual Marine Week.

List of daily events and street closings (PDF)

"We are invading downtown," says Lt. Col. Michael Hubbard.

Choppers will come in from the sky. Men and women in uniform will arrive in tanks and light armored vehicles. In all, around 800 marines will take over a nearly two mile stretch from Gateway Plaza to Burke Lakefront. That's where civilians can get a hands on look at their artillery, station by station.

If it's anything like last year's Marine Week in St. Louis, the crowds will invade Cleveland right alongside the Corps.

"In St. Louis, they had thousands each day. And I think we'll easily do that and more so."

Hotels in downtown Cleveland say they've been booked for weeks. The Marine Corps expects people from all across the Midwest to travel here, especially to see the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall and daily wreath laying ceremonies.

It will be a complete invasion that lasts a week, but will leave a lasting impression.

For a list of events, click on the Marine Week website.