How young is too young for a Facebook page? In the past, the site restricted anyone under the age of 13. Now the site says they're becoming "kid-friendly." But will the protections go far enough?

"My kids are on Facebook," says Shelly Garrow of Olmsted Falls.

There was probably a little begging and pleading, but her two kids ended up with a Facebook profile.

"Initially I was a little gun shy about it because of the age and that they were under age."

Garrow admits they were only 8 and 9 when they signed up for an account, but a lot of their friends already had pages.

"I felt like I wasn't getting included in everything," says Jake Garrow.

A Consumer Reports study out in May found 5.6 million kids are among their users. This is probably one of the reasons social network, Facebook is considering creating a "Facebook Lite" account, one that requires parental supervision and has more restrictions.

But critics ask: will the protections go far enough?

"Kids are not taught what's private information and what's not," says Hilary DeCesare, CEO and co-founder of, a preteen friendly social network.

Her concern is that Facebook won't protect kids personal information and it doesn't monitor for cyberbullying like Everloop and other teen sites.

"Whether its swear words, whether its text talk, whether its cyberbullying, it gets blocked before it gets posted."

If Facebook launches a "Facebook Lite" for kids, users under age 13 will reportedly have to link their account to their parents. Parents will also have control over who they accept as a "friend".

The same Consumer Reports study found 800,000 reported being cyberbullied.