From flooding to wildfires, extreme conditions are making it a difficult and very dangerous start to the summer season.

A massive 20,000 acre blaze in the Colorado mountains is consuming everything in it's path, including several homes. Hundreds fear for their homes in New Mexico as well, where more fires are burning. The "Little Bear" wildfire fire now stretches across another 10,000 acres and continues to grow.

It's one of more than a dozen large fires burning across the United States, putting a strain on crews and equipment. "We're definitely competing for resources whether that's New Mexico or other locations," said Larimer County, Colorado Public Information Officer Nick Christensen. "It is difficult to get resources at this point."

It's relief that's difficult to find along the Gulf Coast as well. Driving rain there, a foot and a half in Pensacola, soaked and in many areas shut down the city.

In Alabama rain falling at a rate of two inches an hour washed away roads and forced thousands to scramble to higher ground. Even as the water slowly begins to recede it is clear the damage is widespread and devastating.

Meanwhile, from the East Coast through the Midwest extreme heat is the concern. The forecast calls for the hottest day of the year so far in Dallas, while in Philadelphia schools closed at noon because of the dangerous conditions there.