AKRON -- A man whose last two Facebook pages were closed down, was back online under another alias.

William Bennett, 51, served time for a 1999 sexual battery conviction. His victim was a teenage boy. He is classified as a sexual predator by the Summit County Sheriff's Department.

His first Facebook page under his own name was blocked three years ago. His second appearance on the social media site under the name William He Is was shut down in March, 2012.

A concerned WKYC viewer was worried that Bennett appeared to be back on Facebook once again, using the alias Bennet Chambers.

Detective John Rood of the Summit County Sheriff's Department, who tracks the movements of convicted sex offenders, confirmed Tuesday that photos on the Bennet Chambers page were those of William Bennett of Akron.

"It's the same picture," Rood told WKYC, as he placed photos from the latest Facebook page side-by-side with Bennett's mughost from the county's sexual offender website.

"You can see on his Facebook posting on the right, and on our sex offenders website on the left, it's the same person," Rood concluded. The detective was contacting Facebook to alert them to Bennett's presence, and ask that the latest page be shut down.

"And I'll go through this to make sure that nothing inappropriate is going on,trying to make contact with kids or anything like that," Rood said of his next move concerning the new Facebook page.

The latest page appears to have been created no later than March 15, only three days after a previous WKYC reportled to Bennett's "William He Is" site being blocked. Rood said sexual offenders often try to maintain a presence on social media.

In addition to contacting Facebook, detectives will attempt to verify that Bennett actually lives at the last address he gave them. Sex offenders are required to register with the county and give accurate updates of their current address.

Detectives became concerned when neighbors of the latest address Bennett listed said they had not seen him.

WKYC contacted thetwo individuals named Bennet Chambers living in the United States and both said they did not even have Facebook pages. One said he did not own a computer.