RAVENNA -- The Portage County Animal Protective League is giving around the clock care to a severely neglected Siberian Husky found abandoned at a house in Hiram over the weekend.

The organization's humane officer found the dog barely alive and gasping to breathe. The APL says it appears the dog had been neglected and in need of help for some time before being rescued.

The dog, severely malnourished and dehydrated had a body temperature of 105.5 and could not support her body weight and was infested with maggots.

The Portage APL says it is doing all it can to help.

"As of today her prognosis is poor. We don't know if she'll make it through from day to day. She is receiving almost round the clock care and the doctor said she finally took a few steps (with help) this morning." said Chalan Lowry, Executive Director. "Portage APL will do all that we can to save her. We think she is about 10 years old and it looks like she has been in a horrible way for a long time. We've named her Lucky and we certainly hope that she is! She deserves a chance. Her care and recovery will be long and expensive and we'll need the community's support to help her and others like her."

To make a donation or for more information, you can call the Portage Animal Protective League at (330) 296-4022, visit their website, or check out their Facebook page.