CLEVELAND -- President Barack Obama is expected to draw sharp contrasts between his economic policies and those of his Republican opponent Mitt Romney in a Thursday speech at Cuyahoga County Community College's main campus.

Romney anticipated the President's remarks in a Wednesday speech to the Business Roundtable, saying "the President will speak eloquently...but words are cheap."

Romney told his audience the President's health care, trade , environmental and regulatory policies make him the most anti-business President in recent history.

The Obama campaign says the President's remarks will contrast his policies as supportive of the middle class with Romney's favoring of tax breaks for the wealthy.

On Wednesday, Romney visits Cincinnati for a nighttime fundraiser. He has a campaign event at an area factory there scheduled for Thursday.

Romney returns to Ohio this weekend. His stop includes a Father's Day morning pancake breakfast event in Brunswick on a swing that will feature visits to small communities.

He will be accompanied by Speaker John Boehner and Senator Rob Portman.

Governor John Kasich was critical of the President's record in a pre-emptive Wednesday conference call with reporters.

A consolidation of recent polls gives the President a slight lead in Ohio of less than two percent.

Both campaigns regard Ohio as a cornerstone for victory.