Listeners continue to flood WNIR with calls, following the passing of long-time radio host Howie Chizek.

For 38 years, Howie brought something truly special to those who turned into his highly rated talk show.

And now, his brother is opening up only to Channel 3 News about who Howie was and how many people he touched.

Former Cavs announcer Howie Chizek will be best remembered as a boisterous radio personality, but his family says, it's what he did off the air that will be his true legacy.

Chizek spent years donating time and money to the community. He was a Little League umpire and coached a youth football team.

For decades he took more than a dozen under-privileged children and chaperones to Disney World. It was on this year's trip that he died.

His brother Larry Chizek said "Anywhere from 15 to 16 people. It was something that he paid for out of his own pocket. One thing that a lot of people didn't know about Howie is that he was a very benevolent person."

Howie Chizek will be laid to rest on Thursday.