WESTLAKE -- Tuesday morning,the driver of a pickup truck was arrested and faces charges of OVI, BAC, hit skip, willful-wanton disregard of safety, and underage consumption.

Police say that around3 a.m., William Muller, 18, of Avon Lake, crashed his Ford pickup into a parked vehicle in a driveway on Bradley Road.

Directly after that, a similar truck was stuck in a creek outside of a home on Center Ridge Road. The driver had apparently run off from the truck.

About 4 a.m. on Honeylocust Lane, a resident chased a man from his home with a golf club.A man had rung the doorbell and then stretched out on the floor of the home.

Once arrested, police say Muller took a breath test and had a .177 BAC.

Muller isin Westlake City Jail.