We asked you on Facebook what you thought were the hottest jobs. Well, we brought out the temperature gauge and we found them...some of the hottest jobs in Cleveland.

An AT&T line repairman, a food truck crew, and a lifeguard were just some of the people we tested on our temperature gauge today to find out who really has the hottest job.

Photos: Cooling off at Wildwater Kingdom

We asked all the local workers to place the sensor inside where they work while we observed our temperature gauge.

One brave AT&T line repairman who works outside 24/7 said he didn't think his job was as hot because, lucky for him, he gets to works underground in the "shade" all day.

The temperature under there? 90 degrees.

And sometimes, the hottest jobs aren't even the ones outside.

At a local dry cleaner, and on top of the three fans they had on full speed, our temperature gauge read 99.9 degrees.

One of the workers told us that at their factory in Euclid when all the presses and steamers are on it can sometimes reach up to 167 degrees!

You might think the beach would be one of the best places to cool off on a day like today. Not the case. We spoke with Steve the lifeguard who set the sensor on top of his chair where it was a whooping 101 degrees.

Downtown Cleveland Alliance Safety Ambassadors that patrol the streets of downtown were doing their best to keep cool as well.

We asked one ambassador to hold the sensor in her hand near the sidewalks of "Walnut Wednesdays." Her temperature? A scorching 114 degrees.

And we found Cleveland's hottest job.

Near the corner of Walnut Avenue and East 9th Street, inside a rib food truck downtown, we placed the sensor right above their grills.

After about five minutes, the temperature skyrocketed. A blazing 139 degrees!