CLEVELAND -- "One, two, three, go!"

The Burning River Youth Lacrosse teams were ready to play in Broadview Heights, despite temperatures around 97 degrees under the scorching sun. It felt even hotter with all their gear.

"Gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads. It's like,five degrees hotter with the pads on," a group of 10-year-olds explained.

So to make sure the kids stay safe, the coaches enforcedthree mandatory water breaks during each half hour. Meanwhile, the parents were relaxing in lawn chairs under the shade of the trees.

"We spoil them! This will make them tougher, right?" joked Sal Russo.

From the youth leagues to the major leagues at Progressive Field, the bottled water was out-selling the beer in the sections under the sun.

Indians fans were looking for a sweep of the Reds, but it was the heat that wiped out a few fans.

"We've been seeing quite a few people with complaints of dizziness, possibly from not drinking enough fluid," said Helen Molly, a registered nurse at the ballpark's first aid station.

In just the first 30 minutes of the game, paramedics had senttwo people to the hospital for heat-related symptoms.

As the sun set, and temperatures cooled down to 86 degrees, the emergency calls winded down.

Paramedics treated a total offour fans for heat illnesses Wednesday night.