AAA is toutingRoadNinja's Interstate Directory travel app that shows you what's available at any exit in the continental U.S., so you can travel more efficiently

The AAA projects that 35.5 million people will travel by car, setting a record for auto travel volume over the past decade. The average distance traveled by Americans during the holiday weekend is expected to be 723 miles.

RoadNinjanow offers real-time gas prices, so you can choose the exit with the cheapest gas and get directions there. You can either check out gas stations that are nearby or look at stations along your route as you travel on the interstate so you don't have to backtrack.

That helps you travel more efficiently and determine the best exit for everyone in the car.

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RoadNinja is completely customizable. Set the categories displayed to Shops and Sandwiches, so you know exactly where to exit to pick up your sparklers and 4th of July picnic essentials.

RoadNinja is available to download free on iOS and Android devices.