CLEVELAND --It's been a year and a day since Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell's trial got underway and now hesits on death row.

A jury found Sowell, then-51, guiltyon July 22 of killing 11 women and burying their remains in and around his Imperial Avenue home.

Police discovered the first bodies on Oct. 29, 2009 and arrested Sowelltwo days later on Halloween.

So when the jury later came back with a recommendation of the death penalty, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Dick Ambrose set Oct. 29, 2012 as Sowell's execution date, barring any appeal.

But Sowell has appealed his conviction to the Ohio Supreme Court and his attorneys have an Oct. 1 deadline to file a brief in suppport of overturning the conviction.

That doesn't leave much time to go forward with the original execution date if the appeal is denied.

Meanwhile, back on Dec. 6, Sowell's Imperial Avenue 'House of Horrors" was demolished and a vacant lot is all that can be seen now.

As for Sowell himself, he sits in the Chillicothe Correctional Institution on death row, according to the Ohio Bureau of Prisons.

It's amedium security prison that used to be aformer military camp thatlater became a federal penitentiary and has housed several high profile prisoners, including Charles Manson.

Country music legend Johnny Paycheck also served a 22-month stint in CCI. During Paycheck's time there, his friend and fellow musician Merle Haggard performed for the inmates.

Sowell is one of 13 inmates who are in maximum security cells there.