CLEVELAND -- There's no more dodging it or pretending it will go away.

The Affordable Health Care plan is real and here and being phased-in over the next couple years, unless Republicans win back the White House and the Senate in November.

It means uninsured individuals must figure out how to get health care.

And those with insurance will be seeking ways to lower their costs under the plan, if at all possible.

Dirk Siegmyer now buys insurance for his family, himself, a wife and three children out of his own pocket.

He's hoping that whatever insurance marketplace exchange is set up that it will provide him some relief.

"Where do I start? What do I have to do? I'm paying out my butt right now," he said.

Companies must now make this part of their business plans.

Berea's Hunt Imaging is about as prepared as it can be.

Its Vice President/CFO Mike Stanek is heavily involved with COSE, the Council of Smaller Enterprises, and has been on trips to Washington to stay up to speed.

He says the general small business reaction is "more angst and consternation...So much is not known how it will be implemented and how it's going to impact companies dollarwise."

Hunt has 38 workers. All are insured through a company-supported union or COSE plans.

Stanek is disappointed the bill does not do more to address cost, in addition to accessibility.

He says the firm has been facing huge health insurance cost increasesand may eventuallysteer workers to use whatever insurance exchange exists as a back-up.

The law mandates that exchanges be set up as a marketplace to help insurance customers get the best price and coverage.

Governor John Kasich has seemingly all but decided not to set up state-run exchanges and leave it up to the federal government.

Lt. Governor Mary Taylor said, "We cannot stick to our core values and meet the mandates of Obamacare and, therefore, we've decided if it's best if we let the federal government do this."

Everyone who gets, pays for, or provides insurance will face choices and decisions.

One growth industry expected to prosper because of this arecompanies that can explain the do's and don'ts of the new law.