AVON LAKE -- The body ofAnthony Norman, 23,of Bristolville, was pulled from a waterway at the GenOn Power Plant in Avon Lake Thursday morning.

The body was found just about 20 yards off shore. Power Plant workers spotted the victim.

The search was suspended at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday after lake and lighting conditions forced officials to pull the rescue divers from the water.

At least two people were originally believed to be missing by Miller Road Park near the east end of the power plant.

Avon Lake police and fire crews were called to the scene just after 8:30p.m Wednesday.

Officers found five men in the water, who told them that one other man was still missing under the water.

The man was last seen between the north breakwall and the westernmost dangerous conditions sign.

The Avon Lake Fire Department conducted search and rescue operations with assistance from Sheffield Lake police and fire, Avon Fire Department and the United States Coast Guard.

Officials declined to comment with further details.

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