A semi tuck nearly causes a catastrophe in Akron, as surveillance video shows it loses control and barely misses other drivers and gas pumps.

Coming off of I-77 south at Waterloo, the semi comes flying through the intersection, smashing into a pole and toppling over in an instant.

Employees and customers at the Marathon station come running to the drivers aid and pull both a woman, suspected to be the driver, and a male passenger from the cab. Diesel fuel pours onto the pavement, and there's smoke all around.

"We were in fear for our lives. We were afraid we were going to blow because we didn't know if a pump had gotten hit, what was spilling because there was smoke everywhere," says gas station employee Sheri Faris.

Just minutes earlier, a car had been filling up at pump 7, exactly where the semi truck came barreling through. Had the car still been here, it would have been smashed into the gas pump, likely causing a fire.

"Had it happened at 4, we would have had fatalities because we're normally popping and busy at that time," says Faris.

We found the drivers on scene, but wouldn't talk on camera.

They told officers the breaks stopped working on the semi.

The driver will walk away with just a citation. But more importantly, everyone walks away unharmed.