CHARDON -- A federal grant for more than $56,000 will be given to Chardon Local Schools to hire a security guard, among other positions.

"The community, students and staff have been very resilient and the world mourned Chardon's losses,"U.S. Rep. Steven LaTourette said. "I was scheduled to meet with Department of Education officials Monday in Washington with hopes of persuading them that Chardon deserved a grant. Instead, Ilearned this afternoon that a grant and help is on its way for Chardon."

The grant comes under the School Emergency Response to Violence Program.

The school district also reportedly intends to use the federal funding to hire mental health social workers and substitute teachers so permanent staff can obtain counseling and training.

On Feb. 27, three students were killed when shots were fired inside the high school. The suspect, T.J. Lane, is facing multiple charges connected to those shootings.