NORTH OLMSTED -- As the thermostat inside the home creeps toward 90 degrees, the Bryant family is packing up and moving out for the weekend.

Jon and Megan Bryant, and their two children, four-year-old Jonah and 18-month-old Aria, are headed to Findley State Park to camp out in their pop-up trailer.

The Bryant's home has no air conditioning, and as temperatures near 100 degrees outside, it's becoming unbearable inside.

The family usually keeps cool in the summer days with ceiling fans and by sleeping on the living room floor downstairs.

"As hot and miserable as I am, I'm even more worried about the kids. Especially since their bodies don't regulate temperatures like we do," Megan said.

The next two days will be near record-breaking though, so they're heading outdoors, and into the comfort of air conditioned camping.

They've packed up coolers full of water and Gatorade, and brought plenty of meals to cook on the camp stove.

Megan says they'll play cards inside the comfort of the pop-up camper, which has electricity and installed air conditioning.

The Bryants say the trip to the great outdoors will be the most comfortable weekend they've had in days.

"We need a little break. So it will be fun to spend time with the family and stay cool in our pop-up. My in-laws have their pop-up, and we have a couple of friends coming down with their camper and they have a/c, so we'll bounce around," Jon said.