NEWTON FALLS -- The death toll has risen from three to five after Newton Falls Police say they discovered a fourth body at anotherlocationand the suspect fatally shot himself.

It started with the discovery of three bodies -- a man, a woman and a teenage boy -- who were all found dead Friday afternoon at a home on Trumbull Court. According to Newton Falls police, the man and woman were identified as Rikki Cogley and Kathy Cogley.

Another young boy was also in the house at one point, but authorities say he was unharmed.

The fourth victim, identified asTracy Engler, was found at a home nearby in the 600 block of Newton Drive. Police say the woman, believed to be the suspect's girlfriend, was murdered in a similar fashion to the three other victims.

Police say they stopped a vehicle they had been looking for in connection with the crimes and stopped the driver near Newton Falls Cemetery on Ridge Road. Officers say the man killed himself in front of them by a self-inflicted gunshot.

A second individual has been brought in for questioning.

Witnesses say they heard gunshots a few minutes before cruisers arrived.

Neighbors say nothing about the family who lives at this home was unusual.

Authorities say they have been called out to this address before.

The last murder in Newton Falls was more than a year ago.